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san-x | kerori
Hey, everyone! Long time no see! Sorry for being lazy with updates. I still have plenty of old icons sitting around on my computer, and I just have to find the motivation to post them. It takes a lot of work getting them all uploaded and put into tables and everything. I appreciate your patience!

For now, have a TON of icons from the awesome Prince of Tennis Chinese drama! (I am so biased, sorry, hahaha.)

94 = Prince of Tennis Chinese Drama


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25th-Apr-2009 02:13 pm - 2d animation: 58 icons
san-x | kerori
A bunch of oooold icons from 2D animated films and television shows and things. I have a 3D animated icons post coming up too, so watch out for that!

05 = A Goofy Movie
14 = Adventure Time
04 = Aladdin
07 = Land Before Time
02 = Lilo and Stitch
05 = Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland
02 = Looney Tunes
06 = Peep and the Big Wide World
07 = Robin Hood
06 = The Little Mermaid


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11th-Mar-2009 10:37 pm - poll
yoohoo | lemur: *tail wag*
Wow, over 100 watchers! Thank you guys so much! ♥

I would greatly appreciate it if you guys took the time to take this poll. It will help me know what sort of icons everyone likes, and you can also help me choose which icons I should post next!

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18th-Feb-2009 03:15 pm - tenimyu: 97 icons
san-x | kerori
97 = Tenimyu


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6th-Jan-2009 05:24 pm - tenipuri: 74 icons
san-x | kerori
First post of the new year! Revisiting an old, old fandom of mine. :)

74 = Prince of Tennis


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13th-Dec-2008 08:24 pm - harry potter: 27 icons
san-x | kerori
Because when I saw these, I just had to. ;)

27 = Harry Potter innuendo/pickup lines


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san-x | kerori
I have a Christmas present for those of you who watch the community. :)

First, I want to thank you for watching the community. I really appreciate your support!

To show my gratitude, I'm hosting a request post of sorts!

I have an "All I want for Christmas is" icon base. All you have to do is comment with what other text you'd like to be added to it.

Here's an example:

more examplesCollapse )

You can request general text, something fandom-related (even if I'm not familiar with the fandom, that's perfectly fine), more of my horrible innuendo, anything you wish!

You also have to be willing, however, to share an icon you request if someone else likes it. 'Tis the season for sharing and all.

Requests will stay open till Christmas, the 25th of December.

Again, thank you all! :) And request away!
24th-Nov-2008 02:10 pm - bully: 75 icons
san-x | kerori
Because I apparently cannot stay away from this fandom... :)

75 = Bully


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17th-Nov-2008 07:00 pm - razia's shadow: 37 icons
san-x | kerori
I've got a batch of Razia's Shadow icons!

If you don't know what Razia's Shadow is, go here to listen to the entire album. It's Forgive Durden's new album, a musical, with a great story, great characters, and great music. Highly recommended!

37 = Razia's Shadow

Warning: Spoilers!


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16th-Nov-2008 03:29 pm - winter/christmas stock: 45 icons
san-x | kerori
Some simple icons to get you into the holiday spirit!

45 = winter/Christmas stock


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11th-Oct-2008 04:44 pm - stationery characters: 56 icons
crux | lintballs!
Hey, everyone! I have a bunch of stationery character icons for you today!

01 = Crux
01 = Kamio Japan
01 = Mashimaro
14 = Sanrio
39 = San-X


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31st-Aug-2008 02:08 pm - bully: 52 icons
san-x | kerori
More Bully icons, baby. These are all just text icons, but there's gonna be another upcoming batch of regular Bully icons sometime soon--hopefully within the next couple weeks. There just got to be so many that I had to split it up. :P

52 = Bully (text)


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21st-Aug-2008 10:39 pm - super smash bros. brawl: 55 icons
san-x | kerori
My favoritism for particular characters shows, heh.

55 = Super Smash Bros. Brawl


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8th-Aug-2008 09:51 pm - harry potter: 113 icons
san-x | kerori
These HP icons are mostly all really old and have been sitting on my computer for a while, so they're long overdue. Here ya go! There are quite a lot!

24 = books (PS, OotP, HBP, DH, prologue)
10 = various book artwork
07 = JKR's official website
15 = fanart by seviet & buttfacemakani
12 = wrock lyrics
26 = films (CoS, PoA, OotP, HBP)
19 = HP actors (trio, Dan, Phelps twins, Robert)


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5th-Aug-2008 05:14 pm - affiliates
san-x | kerori & tochuu: ♥
Not an icon post, sorry, but one will most likely be coming this week when I get time.

In the meantime, please check out the icons made by the community's lovely affiliates! I decided to pay them tribute by giving them their own post. They're all fantastic icon makers, so try to give them a visit. A list and icon samples are behind the cut.

affiliatesCollapse )

D'you make icons and wanna affiliate with trowicia_icons? Just let me know--the more, the merrier, as they say! :D
5th-Jul-2008 07:51 pm - bully: 51 icons
san-x | kerori
One icon post right after another? Something must be wrong with me! ;) Anyway, here are a bunch of icons from the video game Bully which my sister and I just recently beat. Fun, slashable game; I recommend it. :D

51 = Bully


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4th-Jul-2008 11:52 am - tenipuri & tenimyu: 103 icons
san-x | kerori
Finally, another batch! (A lot of these are reeaallly old, heh...) Thanks, everyone, for your patience and to those who're watching the community.

43 = Prince of Tennis
60 = Tenimyu


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14th-Apr-2008 08:54 pm - phoenix wright: 98 icons, 1 wallpaper
san-x | kerori
I bring a freaking ton of Phoenix Wright icons today! Some of these are rather old. And my biases are showing (omgNick), so I attempted a bit of variety (next time I promise there will be a greater diversity).

Icons: Ace Attorney
53 = Phoenix Wright
16 = Apollo Justice
16 = doujinshi
13 = text

01 = Apollo Justice wallpaper (1024x768)

Warnings: spoilers for all 4 games, gay lawyers, bad humor. :)


PW: 98 icons, 1 wallpaperCollapse )
29th-Mar-2008 01:52 am - the road to el dorado: 55 icons
san-x | kerori
This is my first actual icon post to the brand new community! :)

And it's of one of my most favorite movies of all time: The Road to El Dorado!

Icons include images, lyrics, and quotes from the movie. Enjoy!

55 = The Road to El Dorado


55 iconsCollapse )
29th-Mar-2008 01:31 am - old icons
san-x | kerori
Looking for my old icons? Fear not, they haven't vanished!

The following links lead to my Photobucket account.

Please do not direct link any of the icons. If that happens, my bandwith and the icons go bye-bye.

(Sub-folders are on the left-hand side if the link brings you to an empty album.)

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