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trowicia_icons's Journal

Trowicia's Icon Journal
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LJ icons and graphics made by Trowicia.

trowicia_icons: icons made by trowicia.

You've stumbled upon the icon journal of trowicia. Hi!

Please follow these guidelines when using my icons:
  • Credit either trowicia_icons or trowicia. This way people know where to come for more.

  • Feedback and comments are appreciated; they help me know what people like.

  • Do not alter any of my icons. Textless icons are not bases.

  • No direct linking.

Looking for something specific? Check the tags.

Looking for old icons that I used to post on __soleil? See this post for further information.

And do feel free to watch the community for further updates!

If you have any questions, please ask them here in this post or contact me at trowicia@livejournal.com.

  • Images: LJ, fansites, official sites, my own scans/screencaps/photos. See something of yours and want credit? Just let me know.

  • Fonts: Windows defaults, dafont.com

  • Textures, etc.: all created by me

  • Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe ImageReady

Note: Each icon post will have its own resource list giving proper credit where it is due.

Interested in becoming an affiliate? Just comment here!

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